Carlo Carere 1990/93 ha sottoscritto un contratto per il suo film


Carlo Carere
Facebook 18.11.2019

CONTRACT SIGNED!!! “NEAR DEATH,” the film Erin and I wrote, produced and starred in, was just bought by SHORTS TV, a CABLE and SATELLITE TELEVISION channel featuring short films deemed the most entertaining and highest quality. Our film will be aired for the next 3 YEARS throughout North America, and possibly in other territories of the world as well (depending on ratings). We will communicate date and time of the first airing soon. So proud of this!!! Here is the trailer…

Erin Erin Erin James Vallo Matteo G. Saradini Loreto Di Cesare

Carlo Carere 1990/93: hanno sottoscritto un contratto per trasmettere il film che ha scritto e prodotto con la sua compagna Erin, Verrà trasmesso nei prossimi 3 anni nel Nord America

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